Posted date: 2/February/2010

It is the story of a dysfunctional family bonding during a journey from Bijapur to Bangalore to participate in a TV reality show. A drunkard angry-old man, an aspiring inventor, a fitness freak-fatso, an ideal wife, a cute little dancer girl and a kleptomaniac guy all from the same family fight, scream, laugh, tease, sing, dance and generally have a fun-filled yet highly emotional journey from their small rural hometown to big city in a hope of making all their dreams come true. It’s the journey of discovery of all their strengths and weaknesses. With every new obstacle on the way, the family becomes stronger and realizes the potential of their unity. The film is about dreams of everyone and giving hope that dreams, however big, do come true.

Ramesh Aravind as Shankar, Ananthnag as Mallappa the father, Sana as Chummi, Rajanikanth as brother in law Devu, Dhanya as dancer daughter Gauri, Veer Shanker ad protagonist brother Bheema, Karibasavaiah as inspector, Bank Janardhan as psychiatrist, Chindodi Vijay Kumar and Harish as musicians, Umesh as make up man give joyous mood through ‘Crazy Kutumba’ directed by B.Ramamurthy the veteran in the field of direction is in his 50 film.

Mallikarjun another veteran handling the camera and young sensation Rickey Kej is providing lilting music. Gnaneshwar as Editor, Thermocol Srinivas as art director, Prasad Gandhi as still photographer, assistant directors Prasad HJ, Gandasi Nagaraj as costumer and Phanish as make up man for the film add good support to ‘Crazy Kutumba’

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