Posted date: 11/November/2008

The anguish and desperation is obvious for a hero like Deepak. After ‘Shishya’ nothing has turned to his side and four consecutive films fell like pack of cards. Deepak who imitate late Shanker Nag and for which he has some fan following too needs a ‘Dhamaka’ in the box office was evident from the speech of Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh at the audio release function.

Lighting the lamp from a cigarette lighter! Oh what a good thought indeed. Doing the formal release of the audio album Jaggesh said ‘Sole Geluvina Mettilu’. Those who come up from failures would become strong he pointed to some of the ‘Lilliputian’ heroes of Kannada cinema who are calling shots just after one hit in the career.

Jaggesh advised Deepu to look at the Amitabh Bachchan in the career and feel satisfied. The Goddess Saraswathi has not left anyone in the lurch said Jaggesh and quoted the instance of meeting comedian Guggu in a bus station in his younger days. Sir you are a great comedian you are traveling in the bus asked Jaggesh to Guggu who said everyone cannot become Rajakumar!

Deepak has been waiting for success and he waited for 15 days to Jaggesh Anna to come and release the audio of his film ‘Dheena’. Deepak the protagonist in Deena thanked the producers for evincing interest in good outcome of the film.

Director Sahana was looking very patient throughout the audio release said he has cleared the doubts in the minds of producer Sunil and Jagadish working in the right spirit. In 60 days we have don the shooting and one day 12 hours Deepak was in rain water. This is the best of all the five films of Deepak informed Sahana.

Arjun is hopeful of success of music in this film and said I was treated like a good friend by this banner. The first film of our banner has come out according what has been told earlier said one of the two producers Sunil.

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