Posted date: 30 Tue, Apr 2013 11:04:19 PM

It is not the Karnataka state Assembly ‘Election’ schedule for May 5 voting. It is the Kannada cinema ‘Election’ that is deferred.

The regional censor board did not agree with the contents and it has shifted the responsibility of giving certificate to revising committee.

The very purpose of release of Election Kannada cinema before Election to state Assembly is now seems to be lost. Yet the Parliament Election is coming in the next year is not a consolation for producer Ramu, Malashri and director N Omprakash Rao.

The film ‘Election’ came before the regional censor board on Monday and the scenes captured in the film was pointer to the present day political parties and focusing all the parties as bad was main objection of Censor Board chief in Bangalore K Nagaraju.

Shocked with referring to Revising Committee the team of ‘Election’ held an emergency meeting on Tuesday evening with the media.

The film is made in commercial format and the purpose kept in the film is the make people come and vote. It would be a good opportunity for all political parties says actress Malashri.


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