Posted date: 19/April/2009

Very clear and clever producers Paramesh and Prem of ‘Jeeva’ Kannada films are trying out all means to get the film click in the box office. They have exceeded the budget but never exceeded their limits with various questions pierced from various corners. Creativity always calls for more money agrees Paramesh and at the same time highly appreciates the dedication of art director Mohan B Kere. In four years Kere has worked for 40 films shows his ability says Paramesh.

With only one song pending and editing, dubbing completed for the talkie portions shot the unit of ‘Jeeva’ has traced three lovely spots at Pondicherry to store the duet song. There are three get ups to young sensation Prajwal Devaraj and for every get up there is a song. Prajwal Devaraj is impressed with such a set for the film and noticed how the invitees come for gruhapravesham on the sets of this particular song that is made with 40000 beer bottles.

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