Posted date: 27 Sat, Aug 2011 ? 11:06:06 AM

It was a happy and sorrow mixed media meets from ‘Jogaiah’ film team on Friday afternoon at Solitaire Hotel. One general sorrow expressed all the speakers – Prem, Rakshita, Shivarajakumar, BK Srinivas is that media has not supported the film cause. What is the problem with the media when the hype for the film is created was asked.

According to director Prem the film Jogaiah is good and collection is more than 70 percent and positive response is there from everywhere.

Shivarajakumar went ahead and said while writing about this kind of film one should verify the facts and write. Without knowing the facts it is not to right to write. Shivarajakumar in his address said there is nothing wrong in the hype created.

There was some confusion in the beginning for the 3D. Theatres were not equipped. For the audience get wrong information Prem accepted the mistake. To compete with other languages slight mistake has happened pointed Prem.

Distributor of the film BK Srinivas has invested Rs.6.50 lakh for packing of CD’s then how come it was not given he asked. Rs.1.60 is spent on the CD to give along with the tickets he pointed. Srinivas brought to the notice the issue of Rs.4.75 crores. Its first week collection is equal to 100 days. Friday it was 100 percent, 30 percent drop on Saturday, 10 percent drop (means gain of 20 percent) on Sunday, it is 30 percent on Monday and so far it has not dropped more than 50 percent. That is because in each taluk two theatres were given Jogaiah.

BK Srinivas did not forget to add ‘Prem has only Prem as competitor!

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