Posted date: 28 Sat, Sep 2013 12:09:35 PM

It is not Hadinalku Varsha Vanavasadinda…..for Isha Koppikar….it is Hadimooru Varsha….but not Vanavasa, it is Hindi cinema stint, marriage etc.

Like Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikander, this pretty at 30’s actress Isha Koppikar says ‘Jee Barke Jeeyo… Koppikar has come to Kannada film Raasthe….Koppikar Rasthe is famous in Hubli.

In this three heroes and three heroines ‘Looty’ Isha Koppikar is acting as a cop. She goes behind the six who have looted money and finding it difficult to cope up with it. They are traced by cop.

Event Manager and producer Niranjan is producing this film. He has directed ‘Jackpot’ in the past starring Dhyan, Daisy Boppanna and Shuba Punja in Anekal Balaraj production.

Girish Kamplapura who directed a few films in the past starring Dhruv is directing this film. Dhruva, Dilipraj and Rambo Ganesh are with Deepika Das, Ramya Barna and Shwetha Pandit.

In Bangalore, Hyderabad and Devarayana Durga shooting will be held.

Upendra and Priyanka entrusted 45th birthday celebration of Upendra to Niranjan came to the muhurut to wish good luck.

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