Posted date: 31/July/2011

It was a fabulous mood from V Ravichandran on Saturday afternoon at Confident Group Resort. Life as seen by V Ravichandran is the film ‘Manjina Hani’. There are many facets added to this film in the last five years. For every kind of people there is stunning elements. Audience would not sit like how they sit for other films. They would get up and give standing ovation.

I expect a business of Rs.50 crores for ‘Manjina Hani’ in the box office. The elements of this film has the strength to go everywhere mentioned V Ravichandran.

I have invested all my money from acting. The graphic work is consuming lot of time. The one I have prepared scrapped it and then started again. Now it is only 70 percent ready. For remaining 30 percent we need graphic work that is taking place at my house. Four boys are working. They know the technique and I am adding the creativity part. I am concentrating on 10 days for my ‘Manjina Hani’. Whatever I want to say I have just put it on the face int his film.

It is 4K resolution a long process. Manjina Hani will be ready by January 14, 2012. The audiences are also expected to have some responsibility in watching this film. Two of the songs for this film are lent by Hamsalekha for ‘Manjina Hani’.

On the day of release of ‘Manjina Hani’ I am launching my son Manoranjan. It will be in my direction. My son will be working for home banner for four years. He will be in my home banner.

The two songs of the film ‘Manjina Hani’ – says it is possible nothing is impossible. We look at the world we hide something and behaving in some other way. This is attacked and in the two and half an hour I am making it entertaining, engaging and enterprising to the minds.

Le Siva sidiyo Yeega Elo Bega…Ihdella Helalu shame Shame….Kelalu shame shame…the media heard. V Harikrishna rendered the voice for the two songs.

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