Posted date: 7/March/2010

The bold attempt of director, producer, music director Goverdhan ‘Nirdoshi’ that was earlier ‘Rasagulla’ (this title was objected by KFCC as sexy title – Goverdhan argued that it is a sweet name – KFCC did not budge) a film on the nature destruction happening in the world was attacked by the Regional Censor Board for three rape scenes, bikini costumes and just an underwear for the hero Piyush in the song that is meant for mid night masala. Three song numbers added to it perturbed the two lady members of Bangalore regional censor board.

Straight on the face of Goverdhan the present censor officer Nagaraj said ‘Nirdoshi’ will be given ‘A’ and 25 minutes had to be cut before ‘A’ certification coming to his hands.

Goverdhan, producer, director invested on this Kannada film Rs.1 crore went straight to Tribunal in New Delhi surpassing the revising committee. In the Tribunal the retired High Court judge in the Tribunal (a lady) in the presence of Goverdhan and Bangalore regional censor officer said there is nothing wrong in the film and asked the regional censor board to give ‘U/A’.

Probably this hit back received by the regional censor board officer in Bangalore made him to consult the High Court. Last year December 29 the Tribunal ordered for UA certificate to ‘Nirdoshi’ and Goverdhan was expecting the UA within one week but on February 12, Shivarathri Day he got the UA certificate.

What Goverdhan understands is that the HC connections of censor officer advised against to such appeal. That is the reason he has quietly passed the certificate after inordinate delay recalled the director cum producer.

For the hot scenes, rape scenes and sensuous song numbers he says even his 10th standard daughter can watch the film that is not vulgar, substandard or cheap.

Kulbushan Kharbanda the famous Hindi actor is in a special role of ‘Nirdoshi’. As a director and producer I am ‘Nirdoshi’ but it is actually the hero in the film says Goverdhan who had to slog for seven months to obtain the certificate for release.

‘Nirdoshi’ will be dubbed in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Gujarati languages.

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