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It is a combination of craze, respect and salute to the significant personality of Kannada cinema Dr Rajakumar from a multi talented Anil Annaiah.

When Anil Annaiah a Coorgi was 18 years studying in Hubli he had the occasion to take pictures of Dr Rajakumar when he had come to inaugurate the Hubli office of Vajreshwari Combines. After taking some pictures Anil Annaiah inquired with Dr Rajakumar whether he can pose for a picture and give an autograph.

Looking at the young boy for a few seconds Dr Rajakumar said why not? On a red color sofa Dr Raj sat in different styles and one such admirable photo he took it to Dr Rajakumar with print and requested him for an autograph on his diary. Dr Rajakumar immediately wrote as ‘Preethiye Devaru’ and signed with the date 13th March 1989. Anil Annaiah preserved it as a treasure and in the last 24 years he has grown heaps and bounds

Realizing the importance of it with good experience in film making Anil Annaiah now intends to make a film for the autograph given by Icon of Kannada cinema. The film he has chosen will be having the title as ‘Preethiye Devaru’ written by Dr Rajakumar and it has historical meaning. In fact the writing of Dr Rajakumar in Kannada will be maintained as the title – this is the thought of Anil Annaiah. He is ready with script for the film. The Kannada film made will be made in other languages too he says.

Anil Annaiah has written, directed five films in six languages – Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya and Assamese (Muskan Ankhein, Lakshmi, Bandhan, Poison’s) . His documentary on Autism won international award and that was on a social issue in 2011. He is the author of the book ‘‘Nobody Speaks to (Me) and acclaimed photographer.

Film media is very strong and it is possible to bring in social change is the belief of this honest film maker.

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