Posted date: 12/February/2010

A new producer Smt Soumya Sathyan and debutant director Raghu Jaya are emerging in the tinsel town via ‘Rajadhani’ the trials and tribulations of four youths and another simpleton with rightful thinking.

Ra means Raja that is main protagonist Yash, Ja is Jagan that is Sathya, Dha is Dhamu that is Sandeep, Vinay is Chetan Chandra and Nithya is Ravi Teja. Picking one letter from each character director Raghu Jaya (he is actually Raghu J but picked the name of Jaya from his father Jaya Puttaiah) and titled the film as ‘Rajadhani’ that will be shot entirely in Bangalore the capital city with only one set for the film.

RAGHU JAYA - Working in 18 films Raghu Jaya gained experience in the camp of veterans like D Rajendra babu, Raj Kishore and others. He is taking a look at the wrong and right of present youths in an emotional package. A heroine from Hyderabad for Yash pair has been selected. The film is going on the floors on Thursday in Bangalore. Prakash Raj plays the circle inspector in the film has an interesting role. The five are unemployed youths and what are they up to he explained with a new screenplay system says Raghu Jaya. In 45 days in the limited budget as he has promised to the producer Raghu Jaya is confident of completing the film.

Producer SOUMYA SATHYAN – Looking very complacent a stocks and share business woman is also in to land business in Hassan district heard the story of the film from her friend who happened to the wife of director Raghu Jaya. She evinced interest in making the film and that’s ‘Rajadhani’ got push.

YASH – I play Raja and the role has fear pressure. Youth with energy not having control is a ‘Kopishta’ (angry young man). An unexpected incident in the life of this ‘Porkhi’ who always goes against to the wishes of parents also has a love track. The film is more about the friendship and love says Yash the popular hero of Kannada cinema today.

SATHYA – Director Raghu Jaya has given a good reading of this film and my role although rough and tough it is not like the usual suspect kind of a role. I have not done this kind of role. One should not become like this – this role is the standing example.

CHETAN CHANDRA – His route is different from all. He advises the wrong doers. He plays Vinay and the character is according to the name. This type of life is possible opposite to Sathya character he stated.

RAVI TEJA – very eager to explain the whole story said in the youths like there is good and bad. The life of today is only truth. There are four wrong doers who want to usher property in a quick span of time he disclosed.

SANDEEP – a popular television actor is a dream chaser. A poor wants to become rich by overnight. What is the effect of this aspiration? This character explains he disclosed.


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