Posted date: 17 Tue, Sep 2013 09:04:56 AM

The ‘Krishna’ of Kannada cinema from the super hit films of ‘Krishnan Love Story, Krishnan marriage Story and unreleased film ‘Krishna son of CM’ – Ajay Rao was rechristened as ‘Krishna’ by famous music director V Harikrishna on the sets of ‘Jai Bhajarangbali’.

But Krishna Ajay Rao in the direction of Raghav Loki of ‘Sathya in love, Gilli and Lakshmi’ is looking for second half lover.

Why is this situation for humble star Ajay Rao. The contents relate to the title and also for the kick of a title we have chosen this title disclosed Raghav Loki. For all the English words director Raghav Loki added that he would go by the advice of KFCC in case English title is not allowed.

Raghav Loki has invited his friend Manjunath from home town to invest Rs.3.5 crores. Music director Gurukiran has already finished two songs composition, KS Chandrasekhar is cameraman, Ravi Verma is lyricist and Kaviraj has penned songs.

It is CR Manohar presents ‘2nd Hand Lover’ – Ajay Rao loves one but he misses her. He is now looking for a second girl and that obviously relates to the title. For the second girl in the life of rock star Ajay Rao what happens? You have to watch in Raghav Loki direction.

Producer Manjunath hails from real estate business and he feels it is not difficult to invest for his friend film.

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