Posted date: 6/December/2009

The young team is coming up to give ‘Warning’. Arthath ‘Warning’ is the music video album name and it is an alarm call for the younger generation. The youths in dejection of love are committing suicide. ‘Warning’ is one such album that is creating awareness on such hazards in the society.

Rohith is heading the album with lyrics, singing, choreography and directed the carefully shot songs. The suicide of youths in dejection is what touched him very much to take up a project like this.

Rohith makes a point that achievement in life is more important than love in life. When you achieve something the love and respect comes automatically says Rohith. ‘Warning’ has seven songs in video format in Kannada and English. Ravikiran is the cameraman and music is done by Power House. Harish is the assistant director and Rajan editing and still photography is by Santosh.

The concept is derived from the personal experience of cameraman Ravikiran. After he got married his wife told her parents are more important than his love and affection. The caste feeling in the society does not leave inter-caste marriage to go so easily says Ravikiran.

Rohith brother Manjunath and father in law Srinivas are the producers of this music video album ‘Warning’.

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