Posted date: 20/July/2011

Using the song of poet NS Lakshminarayana Bhatta that is sung by late Dr C Ashwath – Hinde Hege Chimmuthithu Kanna Thumba Priti Yeega Yaake Jwalisuthidde Eno Shanke Beethi …..Dr V Nagendra Prasad has not given due credit on the screen and not sought the permission for using the song from Lahari Recording Company.

At the media meet to express his gratitude for the lovely reports for his film ‘VGB’ Nagendra Prasad apologized to Lahari and said he would add the names in the title card. I am a fan of Dr C Ashwath and the song was so apt for me to use. I could not go in right direction for using it he admitted.

Moving on to his film ‘VGB’ Nagendra Prasad put forward the tour made has helped in filling the theatres at various place. We discussed why anyone should see the film. Review is OK Revenue Beke says Prasad.

On the satisfaction of the film Vijaya Raghavendra, Meghana Gaonkar, Malavalli Saikrishna, producer GT Pampathy spoke in brief.

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