Posted date: 19/April/2009

The empty beer bottles literally are the set property for a song of three minutes forty seconds duration in Kannada film ‘Jeeva’! The beer inside the bottles set the consumers reeling and now the vacant bottles used for the creation of a set surprised the visitors. That is such a marvelous usage of bottles.

Like the glowing cover drive of Sachin Tendulkar the art director Mohan B Kere has set a glowing set with the help of 40000 beer bottles for a song in Kannada film ‘Jeeva’. The total expenditure for the set cost the producer Rs.25 lakhs. The 40000 beer bottles brought from Tamil Nadu and cleaned to look clear with chemicals. For each of the beer bottle cleaning Rs.2.60 paisa was the expenditure for the producer Paramesh and Prem. Cameraman Sabha Kumar used special lighting with number clamps fitted to the bottles. Rs.1.50 lakh worth light was used for this song. The lights inside the beer bottles change the color very often to give a new feel says cameraman Sabhakumar.

Using 40000 bottles for the set is for the first time in the history of Indian cinema. Art director Mohan B Kere with the help of 50 persons in 15 days set this set that is asset to the Kannada film industry.

There are many visitors from the industry to this set and it is likely to be placed before the Limca Record Books. The song Vainaithe Vainaithe…..choreographed by director of the film Prabhu Srinivas was stored in the camera by Sabha Kumar. Prajwal Devaraj and dancer from Mumbai Shradda Sharma took part in this song sequence in the total bar atmosphere that is created from beer bottles.

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