Posted date: 09 Mon, Mar 2020 09:13:40 AM

Here is another decent and delectable team putting their effort and hard work via ‘5Adi 7Angula’ Kannada film. The team is headed by director and writer Nithyanand. We have done this film with discipline and the content is the core issue of this film. Further explaining on the film team, technicians and a crow a part of the film is a good thought of our editor Kemparaj he adds.

Director Nithyanand travelled to several theatres and finally came to a conclusion to release the film in a few single screens and almost all multiplex screens. He thanked music director Raghu Kane and background scorer Ganesh Narayan for one of his theme songs in the film.

Ganesh Narayan had seen the enthusiasm he had seen in KA Kannada film in this team. He is very confident of success of this film.

Aditi after first Tamil film is in this suspense thriller. She is pretty sure that audience will like this film.

It is a gripping film in which I play prankster businessman and how it rebound is part says Rashik. Bhuvan Narayan a friend of last 20 years to Rashik is a friend in the film also.

Shukra Films is distributing this film. 

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