Posted date: 23/July/2011

Producer of high reputation, distributor of high caliber and exhibitor of solid knowledge in the last three decades MN Kumar has grown in a hard way to the top spot.

He is on his return to production after four years. He has been a guide and philosopher with neat treatment to his films for distribution and exhibition.

With Bhadra very Subhadra in the box office even before release, MN Kumar is getting ready ‘Narasimha’ in the reunion of dream merchant V Ravichandran and music maestro of Kannada cinema Hamsalekha.

Showing five songs of his ‘Bhadra’ film on Friday evening MN Kumar was in full bloom to speak on his film that is already sold in many areas except Bengaluru and Hubli pockets. He intends to release the film after ‘Jogaiah’ release in August. The purpose is that Kumar needs 100 theatres for releasing ‘Bhadra’ starring Prajwal Devarj and Daisy Shah.

In the last eight months for ‘Bhadra’ the time consumption is because of the technological additions says Kumar. The delay further for release of ‘Bhadra’ is also because another film of Prajwal Devaraj – Mr Duplicate is hitting the screens on July 29 Kumar gives the reason.

Very complacent in his working pattern N Kumar says he has not wasted money. I had seen to it that the spending is seen on the silver screen. Of course the spending for ‘Bhadra’ is highest of my career. The film is already gaining good business. Keeping Bangalore and Hubli region I am entering the business proposal with other distributors says Kumar.

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