Posted date: 28/September/2008

The rage of ‘Budhivantha’ that picked up even before the release has lived up to the expectations. Producer Mohan was hundred percent sure that the film starring Upendra would click in the box office. The result is according to his calculations. In the 70 theatres released the film made with intelligence has received lovely applaud.

For the opening of the film Narthaki theatre was decked with colorful flowers and new entrance was created. As the audience passes the security check they get a visual treat with the digital flower based presentation. The audiences stand before this visual presentation flabbergasted. When they enter the theatre to watch the film they have a double the ticket price entertainment for sure.

When Kamala Hassan fans collect funds via chit system and garland the cut out of their screen idol what way our Uppi is lesser felt the fans and held a procession from national college grounds to Narthaki theatre. The 5000 plus fans of Upendra and folk artists joined the theatres to watch ‘Budhivantha’. In front of the Narthaki theatre an orchestra was organized and from morning the Upendra film songs were played. In Hubli the tickets for ‘Budhivantha’ were sold a day before said Mohan and for this the joint producer SV Rajendra Singh Babu added that in Bellary the fans have gone frenzy, in Mysore there is lathi charge, in Gulbarga additional theatre had to be created, the place like Davanagere such a massive crowd was not seen or heard. Tickets are sold out at 5.30 am. Without vulgarity and the murder element in the original we have showed it how best a film can be made informed Singh Babu.

The reason why this type of producer like Mohan should last long is because as a producer he has no inhibitions. At a place we had to remove some mud. Mohan took the instruments to remove it. He keeps the artists in ‘Pallakki’ and walks in the ground. He says to me that I do not value myself. Such compliments and humbleness are pleasure and makes us to involve more for the film said Uppi. Even before the film the songs have become super hit. The using of dialogues in between the songs clicked for better results informed Upendra.

This kind of producer A.Mohan who loves the cinema immensely should progress and every film producer should be like him said Upendra after going through the arrangement. The fans result for the film was expected because every frame was done with lot of care and affection. We all worked together for the success said humble producer Mohan in his address. Producer Mohan lashed at the protestors who said Telugu language is used in ‘Budhivantha’. Why did they not object when Sathya in love, My Autograph was released as Telugu and Malayalam was used ask Mohan. Singh Babu said a film with terrorist’s subject in ‘Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids’ has Hindi in the second half. How can anyone expect terrorists to speak Kannada language he replied sharply?

Director Ramnath is a satisfied man. His name has been cut short by producer A.Mohan and he has no attachment of Rigvedi. He feels the right treatment given to the film is showing promises of success. The Rao Bahaddur choultry at Mysore was constructed as a court hall for this film where 20 days shoot was held.

Nathanya as Radha is in her second film has such notions in life to become actress. She has acted in two Hindi and two Telugu films. Saloni had in fact a dream to become actress in real life. The film ‘Budhivantha’ is similar to her personal life.

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