Posted date: 7/August/2009

In the song Giya Giya….in Kannada film ‘Devanahalli’ – Londonalli Magu Aythu Maha Mantrige Namma Radhavvage… Karnatakadalli Deve Gowdru Hutlebaradittu….are surely going to kick up a row and creates news for the film. Any undue publicity is a plus point today and that is what the director of the film ‘Devanahalli’ Pallakki Radhakrishna must be aiming at it. This song is written by Dasayya and sung by Janni alias Janardhan.

In another song Devanahalli Bhoomi Myage…the lines Soudha Olage Kunthavnige Tholayakke Elaniru Beleyo Raithanige Kanniru…..is hard hitting. Chetan, Vijay Aru, Mohan and Srinivas have lent voice for the lyrics of Rajesh R Burudekatte.

The song Nim akkan Nanu Madhu Agthine….is double intender! At one point of time in the song the singer says five times Nim Akkan….that is normally heard in the foul language while a tussle takes place on the road side. This song sung by Gururaja Hoskote, Chetan, Shwetha and Mangalamma.

The audio release of this controversial ‘Devanahalli’ CD was released by Sri Panditradhya Swamiji of Taralabalu Math on Thursday evening at RT Nagar. Hamsalekha the ‘Nadha Brahma’ joined the hands with Swamiji when the audio cassette and CD was brought from a ‘Pallakki’ to the stage.

‘Devanahalli’ is RK Theatres Thatha Productions produced by Ravindra Reddy. Stephen Prayog has scored the music for this film.

The catch line for ‘Devanahalli’ are also very interesting – ‘Yaara Hanebaranu Brahma Bareyolla Naave Barkobeku’! Another slogan of this film is – Kallina Kote Illi Bhadra – Manushyana Sharira Chidra Chidra!

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