Posted date: 17/January/2010

SV Productions has worked out another systematic project for ‘Gokak’. The talent hunt done in the previous year from 12000 applicants for ‘Josh’ the super hit film of the banner in an auditorium. Now it is expanding its idea. Catching up with a television channel piling up the applications already for ‘Gokak’ Kannada film that is based on the 15th century happening the talent will be picked by the people.

Well known producer SV Babu and dexterous director Shivamani raring to go with further strength acquired from ‘Josh’ is a standing example for the statement ‘By the people for the people’. The masses send the SMS on the right choice for the right roles of ‘Gokak’. After pooling all the talent the film ‘Gokak’ will start somewhere in May.

The first stage is the receiving of the applications then picking the probable the talent will be excavated keeping in mind the different roles looking for. Those who are in the third round the further talent displayed by those who have come to the third round will be selected via SMS by the public. The judges opinion will also be added to it and selected for the film ‘Gokak’.

The director of the film Shivamani and cameraman Santosh Rai Pathaje are the permanent judges in the 15 plus episodes. In each of the episode telecast there will be a technician in the panel. The selected candidates will be further given training. The final selection is left to the director and producer.

Be a part of this talent hunt to appear on silver screen. Nothing is impossible!

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