Posted date: 13/July/2009

Vinod Prabhakar is perfectly his father Tiger Prabhakar son as for as the stunts are concerned. I would not know anything when the camera is whirring for action shots says Vinod Prabhakar on the sets of ‘Hori’ at Minerva Mills on Saturday evening.

Firstly for me the bench mark is my Papa. I cannot reach him but I have to compete with seniors like Puneeth Rajakumar, Darshan, Vijay in this field. So I have to take up more challenges. That is the reason why I jump, roll, skid, take any risk informs the mini Tiger.

From a twelve feet first floor Vinod Prabhakar jumped in acrobatic style for ‘Hori’ Kannada film and twisted his right hand. The skin near the elbow bone thrashed and bone came out for the force and weight of his body. Stunt director Ravi Verma assistant Channaih immediately straightened the hand pushed the bone inside but on the second occasion it was placed at the right place. Vinod Prabhakar taking half an hour rest was shocked to see his hand in the size of a leg. He rushed to the hospital and as expected he was advised three weeks rest and hand in one position with a belt. Vinod Prabhakar asked for immediate relief and injection was given. He came back and took part in the shoot. Later he did not see the doctor.

For the same ‘Hori’ Kannada film in a motorbike stunt he skid and the silencer burnt his skin severely with the motorbike on his body.

Taking risk is not new for me. At the Suvarana channel awards evening he participated in the live action of Thriller Manju. Three tubes were hit on his back. He had glass pieces even in the underwear! Vinod Prabhakar recollected the ‘Circle Rowdy’ episode that was dangerous among all. I have to jump above the car and when I got down it was so tough that the glass pieces were found on both the thighs. At this moment I experienced the sound of my thigh bones cracking. It took a long time for me to recoup.

Vinod Prabhakar means some expectation in the action is there in the minds of audience I would continue with such dangers says ‘Mari Tiger’. He has signed another for director Nagendra Magadi Pandu who is currently directing ‘Hori’.


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