Posted date: 16/July/2009

‘I would have been Late Mayoor Patel’ – Mayoor Patel speaking to media on Wednesday afternoon described that he was fortunate to be here as the tree fight was so dangerous and he fell while catching another branch. Four months rest was advised as my legs got in to trouble he narrated. It was night effect shoot for four days and Ravi Verma composed the action scene that is for the first time on Kannada screen. Another chilling action scene in ‘Muniya’ was the charcoal go down fight. This was captured with some wonderful lighting says action director Ravi Verma.

With all dangerous stunts and gripping story of city and village in ‘Muniya’ it is hitting the screen on this 24th. Muniraju is the producer and Nagachandra is heading the megaphone. Mayoor is teamed with Sahitya and Shilpa of Mumbai.

Manohar. R.(Manu),
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