Posted date: 25/July/2011

Title is very curious. It is sure to create lot of interest. Creating such interest is the first intention of this ‘Radhikan Ganda’ starring Komal Kumar for Confident group.

This title ‘Radhikan Ganda’ was approved by the film chamber after Komal Kumar team submitted crux of the film story. KFCC was confident that this is not going to create any controversy and approved the title. Radhika becomes a top heroine and her husband is a touch up boy. How the dignity of labor comes in the middle is interesting part says Komal Kumar.

It is sure to create a talk. This is what Komal Kumar wants. Maryadha Ramanna is at the re-recording stage, Govindayanamaha is at dubbing stage, Komalkumar has just returned from London with a victory sign for ‘Kal Manja’.

Speaking to this correspondent from Pondicherry Komal Kumar has seen very bright opportunities for Kannada cinema when it is taken seriously. I am just four films old as a hero and there is massive attendance wherever I go remembers Komal Kumar.

Meanwhile for ‘Marayadha Ramanna’ Komal Kumar with 25 others related to the film are traveling the villages of Karnataka with songs and soundtrack of the film to create awareness.

I have understood that the people coming to theatre have dropped. How to get them is the idea one has to work out. For that we should go to the people and create awareness on the significant film we have made inform Komal Kumar in a short telephonic interview.

Komal Kumar has four more films in the queue and all of them in the protagonist roles he does not forget to add.

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