Posted date: 22/January/2010

A musical tribute to the two stalwarts Dr Vishnuvardhana and Dr C.Ashwath who died in the last year end in one day gap on December 29 and December 30. This tribute has come from the three decades old prestigious institution Lahari Recording Company headed by Manohar Naidu and Thulsiram Naidu.

Dr Vishnuvardhana pack of 5 MP3 titled as ‘Bhoomi Bannadadha Buguri’ in the main cover in all has 150 selected films songs of Dr Vishnuvardhana films. Lahari Recording Company has the audio and sound track rights of 108 films of Dr Vishnuvardhana out of 200 films of the superstar.

In ‘Yee Bhoomi Bannadadha Buguri’ the films songs of Mahakshatriya to Veerappanayaka there are 30 songs of solo and duet combinations. In ‘Nenapu Nooru Manadali’ starting from Ravi Verma cinema to Veerappa Nayaka, Yee Mannina Hemmeya Maganivanu has 30 songs from Veerappa Nayaka to Veerappa Nayaka. In Devaru Hosedha Premadha Dhaara title the songs from ‘Muthina Haara’ to ‘Naanendhu Nimmavane’ there are 30 songs. In ‘Kannadave Nammamma’ from ‘Mojugara Sogusagara’ to ‘Veerappa Nayaka’ again 30 songs are tucked. The MP3 pack of five with 150 songs is priced at Rs.150. That means it is just one rupee a song.

Dr C.Ashwath ‘Nenapu’ a pack of seven MP3 that has 175 songs sung and composed by the legend is priced at Rs.210. The MP3 are named as ‘Soruthihudhu Maneya Maligi’, ‘Kurudu Kanchana’, ‘Kanada Kadalige’, ‘Dipavu Ninnadhe Gaaliyu Ninnadhe’, ‘Shravana Banthu Nadige’, ‘Mouna Thabbithu Nelava’ ‘Yavudhi Pravahavo’.

This is a right way of saluting the stalwarts!

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