Posted date: 7/February/2010

The deserted child that grows in the orphan house discovers the mother in the mental asylum and he struggles hard to recoup her health but he is in a shock. She dies and he discovers another fate the findings of his father who is a chief minister of the state. How it all happened the protagonist of the film Santosh in the end! This is what producer Srila Venkateshalu explained for the story, screenplay and direction of Srinivasa Gundra Reddy for Adisesha Arts. This is an action packed sentiment film completed the shoot.

Srinivas is not aware of Kannada language and if the people of Karnataka give push to his film he would make this in Telugu with Rs.19 crores budget. But as of now Rs.1.25 crore has been invested for Kannada film by the producer Srila Venkateshulu who is head of Nursing College in MS Palya.

Santosh from Sakleshpur was waiting for this kind of story in his life. Swathi and Akshata are the heroines. Sandhya Sri, Venugopal, Dayanand Sharma, Srikanta, Dhananjya Reddy are also in the cast. Murali Y Krishna is the cameraman and Basheer has scored the music.

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