Posted date: 27/November/2008

Here is Challenge 2008! Here is mellifluous singer and able music director Anoop Seelin saying strict no to Sonu Nigam the voice of the present genre. The reason why Anoop made such a statement on a breezy late night (26th November 2008) on the audio release day of his ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ is not because Sonu Nigam has asked him to deposit Rs.1.75 lakh for his song. It is not because Sonu Nigam in his discussion with Anoop said he is arrogant. But the simple reason - we have many such talents in Karnataka that are not tapped. I have not used any Mumbai singers in my film ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’. I will not use one such singer in my career as music director Anoop Seelin made a cautious remark.

What happens when the producer demands Sonu Nigam for his Kannada film? I would not work under such producer. Secondly I would show it to them there are better singers than Sonu Nigam. I would prove it said Anoop Seelin.

Anoop has such similar aversion to Kunal Ganjawala and Hariharan. They look at Kannada film industry with scant respect. I am hurt with such dilly dallying. We should not take anymore he said and given an example of Shakira not talking about using the Sitar instrument in her interviews. Look at Chitra Madam, she charges Rs.12000 for Kannada market. She knows the limitations here. When she sings for Hindi it is not more than Rs.20000 per song.

Anoop gives an example where in Hariharan disagreed to give high pitch for his composition of ‘Ghooli’ Kannada cinema. He said to Hariharan if you cannot give such high pitch you can walk out. You cannot make such songs said Hariharan to Anoop. It is none of your business said Anoop.

A film singer birth is only after composition of a music director. Otherwise they cannot do anything. A singer has no choice he has to agree to the composition of a music director. A composer is confident they he can get any singer and make the film songs hit Anoop makes a statement.

Anoop was taken back when his song Kurakkukkarahalli kere….in ‘Nenapirali’ Hamsalekha (his mentor) replaced with SPB.

Coming on to ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ Anoop says B.K.Sumithramma and Pallavi are the trump cards of this film album. Pallaviji gave ten different varieties for the song Prapanchave Devaru Madiro Baaru…. Sumithramma modulation in varieties to suit different age group for the song Arathi Etthire Kall Manjange…is superb says Anoop.

Anoop in the meanwhile has taken a challenge from a producer. The producer is demanding Sonu Nigam. Anoop is saying no. In case singer of my choice from Karnataka would not make the songs hit I would give the entire remuneration taken for the film.

What if the songs become hit of his next film? That producer Anoop is keeping in tight secret should say.

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