Posted date: 12 Thu, Mar 2020 08:46:34 AM

There is no end. End is beginning for some. There is no end and only beginning for knowledge that is endless. Here is a film starring national award winning actor Sanchari Vijay and Shruthi Hariharan ‘Antyavalla Aarambha’.

A film by director NB Jayaprakash who also comes in Yakshagana portion in the film is also directed by Parivarthana Trust Nadahalli Sripada Rao.

Sanchari Vijay is a rich guy but stingy. His wife is Shruthi Hariharan in the film. Hasya Chakravarthy Narasimharaju grandson Venkataraju, Shishir, Harsha, Nachiketan, Deepak and a few from the theatre backdrop of Mangaluru are part of the cast.

80 percent of the shoot is held at Sagar and Bengaluru surroundings. Vasumathi Udupa has written dialogues and lyrics, Suhas has done music, Suresh Urs editing, Nagesh Acharya and Mallikarjun handled camera, Madan and Harini dance and for story TK Jayaram story forms the main base.

There is a good couple but they do not have love and affection. Both face problems. A serious issue starts worrying the couple. There is no end for something in life is depicted. In spite of stress and strain suicide is not the answer. They will be having new beginning in life.

Producer of five films and 1500 episodes in TV Ganesh Kumar is back after a long gap to invest on this film. Lions Club, Techie companies are to the support of this at the time of release. The tickets for five shows are confirmed.

As first stage of publicity the audio CD was released. Two Devadasis were honored on this occasion. Shivana Gowda S Naganagowder and Umesh M Shirahatti are joint producers of this film.

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