Posted date: 25/February/2010

Another feather in the cap for humble actor the great human being hat trick hero Shivarajakumar! In many shades Shivarajakumar reminds Dr Rajakumar is an agreed fact. Now Shivarajakumar is donning the 11 different films of his father roles in a few minutes that strike the eyes in the song ‘Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku….for ‘Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu’ of producer NM Suresh.

Extremely happy to don such get ups Shivarajakumar felt bit difficult with back pain when he donned the ‘Bhaktha Prahallada’ role of his father. However the films of Srinivasa Kalyana in which Shivarajakumar was child actor, Veera Kesari, Bhaktha Prahallada, Bhaktha Kumbara, Chalisuva Modagalu, Bangaradha Manushya, Hosa Belaku, Ondhu Muththina Kathe, Operation Diamond Rocket films of Dr Rajakumar has been selected by his first Shivarajakumar to come with the same make up.

On the screen one side is the Dr Rajakumar original clips and Shivarajakumar in the avatar of his father thrill the audience surely says director Raghuram.

For all the eleven get ups of his father chip of the old block Shivarajakumar shot for one and half days in his house in Nagavara.

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