Posted date: 28/July/2011

The attitude of dexterous director Dinesh Baboo is like the song line of Hindi film told above. Slow, steady and compact films become the hall mark of all Dinesh Baboo films ever since Mr Garagasa. He is a winner without pinching the producers pocket in all his films ever since.

In a freewheeling chat on Wednesday night after the media address at Green House restaurant Dinesh Baboo spoke on his future plans and philosophy.

Here are the excerpts of the chat:

Why stopped making big films?

You should ask this question with the producers. They come with VCD’s to remake which most of the times is not for my taste. That does not mean I have not done remakes.

What should happen then?

They should have confidence in me and make big films with my subjects. Firstly it should be according to the taste of the director.
Do you have scripts for all big stars?

Of course I have the scripts. The stars should work according to my time. I do not tolerate indiscipline and coming late. I have worked with Dr Vishnuvardhana and power star Puneeth Rajakumar – they have such perfect discipline, why not others follow it.

Which is the big project in your mind now?

I have one beautiful universal subject that requires shooting in South Africa. The man has spoiled everything. It is the animals that is not aware of greed, ego etc. The man comes to this place like what you see in discovery channel or animal planet. The film is also about Indian politics. I need a top star to carry out this in my way. This is suitable for many languages.
Dinesh Baboo of earlier days is not seen. He is lost in very small films….

I am not lost anywhere. I am going for what is suitable and adequate to the market. I should look at the Karnataka market for Kannada films and do films. The effort to tap outside market should go in high speed. According to me there are 12 lakh Kannada speaking people in Chennai. Why no film is marketed there to capture the business.

If you don’t do big projects you won’t get high remunerations….then what happens?

I am not for high remunerations. High talk of my films is what I want. I do not want too much of money. For my existence and present comfort I need money. I don’t believe in keeping huge bank balance.

Is it your philosophy from the beginning?

Yes. I don’t want to make properties and bank balance for my children. They should earn and life. Another aspect of constructing big houses and waits till the last breath for finishing the loan – it is not the right one according to me. What happens when father clears the loan? Son comes and destructs the house for his planning.

Are you focusing this aspect in a film?

I have not clearly thought. My personal opinion is this. My legacy or my earning should be for me. It should not continue for next generation.

What’s your next after ‘Ondhe Kshanadalli’?

I have already finished ‘Nannalla’. It is on split personality. It is a murder mystery film with Ananthnag and others. There is already one film ready for release.

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