Posted date: 16/November/2008

In the culture and traditional families especially in the rural Karnataka the bangle man – Balegara is very auspicious and quintessential. For the women folk this Balegara comes and fits the bangles of proper size and it is a blessing and then the rituals takes place. Bagyadha Balegara opens up the good fortune for every womenfolk but what about his life. You have to see the cinema says story writer Ajay Kumar. There is a folk Bagyadha Balegara hogi baa nan thavarige….that is ever green. Now produce Ramesh Kashyap is keeping ‘Bagyadha Balegara’ as the title for the film starring hat trick hero Shivarajakumar.

Specialist in writing sentimental stories Ajaykumar has written the story taking inspiration from the song. He has written the third story for director Saiprakash film – another important folk song Gallu Gallenuthu….is also composed by maestro Ilayaraja among the seven songs in the film. within a few days of hearing the story Ialajaraj sent message that he wants to be a part of this film music announced story writer Ajaykumar.

There is a love backdrop. For that no supari, bike journey or hugging is required. Even from eyes the love could be expressed says director Saiprakash the 86 films senior director. He says Ilayaraja’s music is the highlight of the film. It will be full of melody and close to hearts says Saiprakashgaru.

It is about the good moods and moments in the film explained hat trick hero Shivarajakumar. The protagonist is doing the profession of his ancestors. He does not know anything other than selling bangles. For marriage especially this bangle seller is given prominence as the fortune in the newly married life would be fine. For such a character that is the fortune in store? Shiv explained the value of the sacred bangles also come in the song format. There is scope for humor and sentiment plus action here and there. Audience would feel it is worth keeping action because that goes along with the story added Shivanna.

Producer Ramesh Kashyap agreed to the point completely made by story writer Ajaykumar that the title and subjects suits only Shivarajakumar and none other than his caliber. The shooting will be held in Mysore, Kollegal, Chamarajanagar surroundings.

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