Posted date: 28/November/2008

Known for very fine off beat films and clinching awards in his attempts director Baraguru Ramchandrappa in his latest flick ‘Ugragami’ – the entire film that happens in one night that too on the first night of a newly married couple is now making news for the specialty in music department – music director Pravin Godkindi is tuning different instruments like flute, Tabla, keyboard etc – the job of eight persons alone. This is a major development as of now.

Pravin Godkindi rarely available to film media (even though he has scored music for two films) spoke on his new attempt and that is because after he saw the performance of various actors in the film ‘Ugragami’. This idea developed at the time of discussion. There was not much of work left for music because emotions play important in this ‘Ugragami’. So I adopted the style of live composing for the scenes as I see it on the screen. In three days the recording is finished at Arun Studio in Chamrajpet says Godkindi.

What is ‘Ugragami’ all about, why Baraguru is not making attempts to take his well thought out films in the national and international market cropped up in the media briefing for which Baraguru (who has recently escaped miraculously from an accident – broke his center finger in the right hand – in fact he has done ‘Ekalavya’ recently) answered at length.

According to Baraguru the film ‘Ugragami’ not only speaks about the terrorism what we see but the terror of mind. The physical and mental terrorism he is analyzing his own style. The whole development of his film is shown as happening in one night of the marriage day. An ‘Ugragami’ has only revenge in his mind and he does not have country or religion in his mind. This is the crux of the film. For showing pistol to a minister the police chase Kishore and he hides in the marriage hall. The exchange of words between the ‘Ugragami’ and the newly married couple leads to various complications and misunderstandings. The internal and external terrorism and violence plus the system is shown as ‘Ugragami’ by Baraguru.

Actress Neethu coming out from the hangover and ‘acted’ in this film complimented and cajoled Baraguru Ramachandrappa. Honoring Baraguru words Neethu who plays the role of ‘Shanthi’ in the film feels the mental terrorism is more disturbing. I had to inculcate new body language for this film she said.

Nagaraj Advani the permanent cameraman like Suresh Urs the permanent Editor of all Baraguru films said he had work in the night effect and light to night was challenging work for him. Vatsala Mohan the chubby cheek character artist plays elder widow sister to heroine Neethu in the film. She has acted in Baraguru’s earlier two films ‘Thaayi and Janapada’.

The clippings related to the counter and encounter scenes was shown to media at the Arun Studio.

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