Posted date: 9/March/2010

The Karnataka Chalanachitra Saha Haagu Sahayaka (Associate and Assistant) Nirdeshakara Sangha (KCSSNS) is forming on 14th of this month two days prior to Ugadi to get right recognition and supplement progress in the life of nearly 2000 plus members.

Thousands of Associate and Assistant directors who work like sharp brains are in hapless situation. They are not considered with problems arises by the captain of ship who shows his fingers to the producers on many occasions.

So to organize their work make a better living get the right share of dividend for their pure hard work the 120 persons out of two thousand plus have formed an association well under the Trade Union Act.

So here afterwards the director who takes the work from associate and assistant directors cannot point his fingers to the producer. Everything will be on a contract and once the newly formed association gets the recognition of Karnataka Cinema Workers Federation they will be further strong.

On 14th of March at Dr Rajakumar Kalakshetra adjacent to RTO office in Rajajinagar is evolving. The Labour Minister Bachche Gowda will be flagging off the new Sangha.

On what card should be given to the thousands of members will be decided by the committee. As of now the three months trained persons in Karnataka Chalanachitra Nirdeshkara Sangha are getting the Associate director card. This is in correct says the new Sangha. A minimum of 12 films experience should be at the back of every member who holds the card of Associate director.

KB Hiremath is the first President of KCSSNS. S Rangaswamy and Gowda Kondajji are vice presidents; HS Srinivas Kumar is the general secretary. Joint secretaries are Mohan S Malagi and N Suneetha, treasurer is

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