Posted date: 8/December/2008

After one television serial ‘Malgudi Days’ (not of late Shanker Nag) Kavitha Lankesh of some of the well made off beat and commercial films like Deveeri, Alameri, Bimba, PPP, TT, Avva to her credit is directing a mega television serial ‘Nee Nadeva Hadiyalli’ for Kasthuri Kannada channel. The serial on air at 4.30 pm is now shifted to 1.30 pm slot after telecast of 50 episodes.

Remaining away from the regular pattern is what earned lot of appreciation for ‘Nee Nadeva Hadiyalli’. The life in the old age that Kavitha Lankesh handled in ‘Preethi Prema Pranaya’ has also peeped in this mega television serial. This is the experience of everyone in life and touches in fast narration say Kavitha. Casteism, crime, education, journalism, religion are also touched upon in this television serial. One of the documentaries Kavitha had done on BWSSB is used here in this serial for a journalist track. The effort is also to show woman as self independent. I would go up to 250 episodes but it depends on the channel reaction says Kavitha.

Kavitha Lankesh intends to take up a film starring Shivarajakumar sometime next April. She has two more scripts ready to hit the screen.

She feels serial to cinema is difficult but cinema to serial is easy. But the dialogue writer Keshav Chandra does not agree like that. It has to be bit elastic in small screen narration and not like Kavitha thinks. He is writing the dialogues with Krishnaprasad. Ganesh Shastry is the episode director. Srinivasa Prabhu, Lakshmi Chandrasekhar. Krishna Adiga, Shama Sanjay, Deepa Narayanaswamy, Kitty, Malathi Sardeshpande are in the important roles. Jagadish has handled the camera.

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