Posted date: 6/December/2008

Here is an invitation from noted producer Ramesh Yadav for the surfers of That also speaks about the magnanimity of the producer Ramesh Yadav. If you want to see the well made Kannada film ‘Akka Thangi’ then click for ‘Akka Thangi’ review, reports and theatre list published in this popular Kannada film website. You will get a ticket to watch ‘Akka Thangi’ Kannada film starring Shruthi and Rashmi in title roles that is directed by noted director of Kannada cinema S.Mahender.

RUSH FAST…. For 50 couple starting from 10 of December to 18th of December per day the free tickets (in all totaling to 100) will be given at the Tribhuvan theatre, Bangalore. Those who have written in the message box or sent SMS to editor of mobile phone they are eligible to get free tickets.


What you have to do? Go to contact column in and just send a message that will reach us and you get the balcony ticket to ‘Akka Thangi’ for any one of the fours shows. Secondly you can directly send SMS message to Editor R.Manohar mobile phone 9845549026

WHAT YOU CAN SAY IN YOUR MESSAGE – Just type I have seen on ‘Akka Thangi’ reports and review. Interested in watching ‘Akka Thangi’ Kannada film!

For the pleasant cinema here is a pleasing offer from ‘Akka Thangi’ producer Ramesh Yadav.

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