Posted date: 16/January/2010

Every program in television world is on danger zone. On Wednesdays in every channel offices the Danger zone is discussed with either cake or a cake cutting razor!

Child actor turned hero in Kannada cinema Arjun of Aravind Studio in Chamrajpet now working out a new measure to be in the limelight. That is the television program for Kasthuri Kannada channel on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. This is ‘D for Danger’ launched via DAZ Company comprising of Deepika, Arjun an Zaheer. The concept is derived from other channels and one such ‘Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao’ reminded when the clips were made available for the media at the lawns of Kanteerava studio.

There are 12 participants in six pairs. Anusha, Ashwini, Navya Swamy, Rashri Ponnappa, Spoorthi, Sushma with Ajay, Dilip Pai, Nagendra Karnik, Praveen, Rakesh and Vishwas with trainers and safety experts go into the deep forest to face the dangerous situations. There are 32 episodes of this and 10 are warm up rounds. All the participants are insured and safety is taken care by Chandrachud who is an adventurous in the last 16 years specialized in land, water and air. He assures 500 percent safety and normal scratches and bruises are of course part of this game he says.

Anchoring of this show is done by Gladrags Mr India and film actor Raghu Mukerjee. Huge price money is assured for the winners and runner up by Kasthuri Kannada channel.

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