Posted date: 02 Wed, Dec 2020 02:07:46 PM

The Karnataka state stalwart, nation pride and internationally acclaimed, winner of highest civilian award from Government of India Padmasri Dr Kamini A Rao hailing from Raichur district has achieved rare distinction in her profession as medical director of MILANN, the fertility center – IVF – assisted reproductive technology is making foray in to art field in the year 2020 setting up Poorvi Productions.

Dr Kamini A Rao is ably assisted by her husband Dr Aravind Rao, daughter in law Poorvi Siddarth addressed the media at Gold Finch Hotel on three new evolutions taken up in her career.

Among the three different areas she is focusing on, ‘Master Class’ is a brilliant idea, excellence is in second one online education and entertaining and knowledge acquiring is ‘Poorvi Raaga Harate.

Dr A S Aravind Rao with a touch of class in his address highlighted the three areas his wife Dr Kamini Rao and daughter in law Pooja Siddarth entered and said it is the right time to enter the entertainment industry as the new way of communication has heralded across the globe. We want to reach out from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, east to west etc he adds. For the doctors who come online it will be a revision course he feels.

Dr Kamini Rao Poorvi Productions ‘Master Class’ is undoubtedly a brilliant thought as the unsung achievers are projected to motivate others in this universe. Dr Kamini Rao quoted the example of 17 years Kushi Dinesh who is topper today in swimming. The fifty percent effort would eventually take you to heights. The people's participation and support is also extended automatically when the talent in you is unearthed. This ‘Master Class’ brings out the class in achievers so that others could inculcate she says with a smile.

Online education from Dr Kamini Rao aspires to teach students anywhere in the world. Reproductive medicines, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Fetal Medicines topics enable a large number of doctors to learn subjects in the comfort zone. This is available for both rural and urban areas across the globe.

Of course the trump card of the three projects is Smt Pooja Siddarth – daughter in law of Dr Kamini Rao and Dr Aravind Rao.

The focus on the ‘Poorvi Raga Harate’ was explained by Smt Pooja and how the COVID time evolved a new thought for the evolution of three programs from Poorvi Productions she went in detail addressing the media.

In Poorvi Raga Harate there will be Dr Kamini Rao, noted anchor and actress Aparna, playback singer Jogi Sunitha with a special guest in every session. Why not doctors indulge in ‘Harate’ (chat show) ? asks the pride of the country Dr Kamini Rao. This is once again a journey of achievers to inform the present generation with a touch of fun and pun. The ‘Harate’ is available on YouTube and that is less than 30 minutes of duration.

Poorvi Productions aims to create a responsible platform for creating socially positive to help people. The aim in the coming days is to produce feature films, documentaries, educational films and many more, says Pooja.

Good luck to Poorvi Productions for the new areas it is entering with good ideals.


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