Posted date: 21/November/2008

The top ranking Kannada film actor Dr.Vishnuvardhana is likely to act in Tamil Superstar Rajanikanth’s latest Tamil film ‘Edhiran’ that is directed by top rated director in South India Shanker. This Ayangar Internationals’ ‘Edhiran’ is expected to release in several languages it is learnt. Aishwarya Rai is the heroine opposite Rajanikanth in ‘Edhiran’.
In a Tamil film Dr.Vishnuvardhana played with style king Rajanikanth in ‘Viduthalai’ and in Kannada the super hit films of Dr.Vishnuvrdhana and Rajanikanth are ‘Sahodarara Savaal’ and ‘Ghalate Samsara’.
Now the rumor abuzz in Kollywood that Dr.Vishnuvardhana has been urged to do a cameo in Ranajikanth’s ‘Edhiran’. The last Tamil film which Dr.Vishnuvardhana acted was unfinished Dr.Kamala Hassan’s ‘Murudhanayagan’.
Dr.Vishnuvardhana in style king Rajanikanth film would solve the release of the film incase of crisis here in Karnataka is the calculation no doubt. But the truth is that Dr.Vishnuvardhana and Rajanikanth are very close friends from a long time.
Rajanikanth saw Dr.Vishnuvardhana starring ‘Aptha Mithra’ twice and then decided on remaking it as ‘Chandramukhi’ for Sivaji Films.
At a time when ‘Aptha Mithra-II’ talks are going on here in Kannada cinema the Kannada superstar acting in Tamil film of Rajanikanth is welcome news.
When this correspondent contacted Radha the care taker of Dr.Vishnuvardhana the mobile was not accessible. When Dr.Vishnuvardhana mobile was contacted ‘Sir Orige Hogiddare’ was the reply.
According to closets of Dr.Vishnuvardhana in the Kannada cinema industry Dr.Vishnuvardhana has left to his estate that is 70 kilometers away from Madhurai. He has told his friends that he will be back after 15 days rest in his estate.
Has Dr.Vishnuvardhana gone for shooting to ‘Edhiran’ in the name of rest in estate?

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