Posted date: 10/February/2010

The 200th film and last film in the stock of agile personality Dr Vishnuvardhana ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ set for release after his demise in a grand style in record number of theatres on this Friday. According to producer Krishna Prajwal the investment he has made is the biggest one in the history of Kannada cinema. How much? He is not ready to divulge.

Appreciating the decent behavior, discipline and dedication of the superstar Dr Vishnu with whom he stayed for more than six months the producer said hats off to the giant who worked after he fell down and even with high temperature for 41 hours continuously Dr Vishnu dubbed for the film. The life sketch of Dr Vishnu is a model to everyone he pointed.

The sale of 1 lakh CD shows how much of popularity the film ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ gained said Krishna Prajwal. He is releasing the film in 120 theatres all over Karnataka. Narthaki theatre is sprucing up with Rs.35 lakh investment.

Present on the pre release of the film the magnificent director of South India P Vasu said the film of 13600 length two hours and twenty five minutes duration ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ is having many valuable points. It is not scary but thrilling. There are three characters in which Dr Vishnu appeared on screen and he has given three varieties of modulations. In one of the three cases he tied his towel around the neck to get a variety. There is good combination of Vishnuji and Komalkumar like how it was ‘Vishnuji and Dwarakish’ in Aptha Mithra. I do consider that the film music is wonderful again and performance of Ramesh Bhat, Srinivasamurthy and four heroines – Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Bhavana, Vimala Raman and Sandhya are class apart. There is 61 minutes computer graphics done from a studio in London stated Vasuji.

It was very dubbing after full editing that the top actors can take such tasks. After one version of editing Dr Vishnu said you get it finalized then I will dub. A very tough task in deed he made it very easy complimented director P Vasu.

P Vasu did not agree that this film is highest budget cinema and he also did not approve that this is a film from the ‘Aptha Mithra’ team.

Drawing his attention on Dr Vishnu the talented director recalled his association and said he is not dead for him. I only miss his hug. He was a friend, guide and philosopher expressed Vasu.

Gurukiran the pinch hitter has used 80 tracks for the music to give glorious effects. Gurukiran agrees that it is difficult to work for the expectations.

Komal Kumar the fine combination with Dr Vishnu in ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ says he got the whole hearted blessings from Vishnuji and I had wonderful time in ‘Aptha Rakshaka’.

Actor Srinivasamurthy is confident that Aptha Rakshaka will be a sure hit. If anyone say it is not good he is ready to give what they ask. Last two reels Dr Vishnu given unforgettable performance.

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