Posted date: 26 Fri, Jun 2020 12:10:06 PM

The golden star of Kannada cinema Ganesh is heading for his 43rd birthday on July 2, 2020. For this year's birthday he wants his fans not to come to his house in Rajarajeshwarinagara from all districts.

In a letter that Golden star Ganesh posted said this is not the right situation to celebrate birthday. It is Corona 19 virus time and many places are facing the quarantine norms.

Ganesh appealed to his fans not to throng at his residence on July 2. Instead he appealed to his fans to spend the same amount they undertake for travel to Bengaluru to the needy people. This will be another social service he says. He thanked his fans all over for showing blessings from a long time in his career.

Meanwhile for this year's birthday of Golden star Ganesh a special motion poster of ‘Sakkath’ in Simple Suni direction is getting ready. The new poster of ‘Galipata 2’ is also likely to please Ganesh fans. There is ‘Triple Riding’ new film for Golden star Ganesh that is likely to release a poster to wish the golden star.

What step Ganesh has taken, the same step was taken by Puneeth Rajakumar and Jaggesh for their March 17th birthday.

July 12 is Dr Shivarajakumar's birthday – a new teaser from director A Harsha for Bhajarangi 2 is coming up. August and September is also the birthday of many eminent personalities of Kannada cinema. The simple style continues it seems.

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