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Here is one close pal for young and old in the industry Shivaramanna who was at his best at remembering his friend GV Iyer and analyzing him from various quarters.

One of the revelations came from Shivaramanna was Iyer fighting out cancer via ‘Bhagawad Geetha Homa’.
Iyer had the security in life because his wife Sundramma was Hindi teacher. He got that strength to take on anyone and focus what he wanted only because it. He had two wives and his daughter Kalpana death troubled him mentally and son Raghu film ‘Anuraga Geetha’ could not see the light of the day.

We have seen wide change in him in the 80’s when he took up Adhi Shankara in Sanskrit, he was able to look at the accounts of vegetable bill and yet be alert on the sets. He had the knack of getting work without paying Shivaramanna stunned many from his speech. In the struggling days also he achieved. The four pillars according to me are Dr Rajakumar (for youngsters also he was doing Namaskara), GV Iyer, Balanna and Narasimharaju who was Kopishta like Iyer.

Utakke Thondre Illadha Iyer had Annapurne in his house Smt Sundramma. Bharadwaja Ashrama evolution was also something unique. The Pooja room of Iyer was fantastic. The Vidwamsa and Vidyarthi used to come there. He is the best among the bests stated Shivaramanna.

Iyer had ambition to make a film on ‘Agoris’. He had Satyakama friendship too. Shivaramanna had a long association with Iyer in his long career in cinema.

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