Posted date: 1/April/2009

The pride of Kannada cinema Shivarajakumar disclosed that the script of ‘Devaru Kotta Thangi’ has been finalized. He has got Meera Jasmine as the new sister on screen in place of Radhika who has given up films for some other reasons. Om Saiprakash will be producing this film and also directing it. New sister and new problems for sister on screen! Very clever Shivanna kept mum on the contents.

Brimming with happiness and bit caustic on the re-examination his daughter Nivedhita had to attend in one subject Shivarajakumar is looking for a cute male baby. That is for the film ‘Muthu Nammappa’ in the direction of Ravi Srivatsa.

A caring father in the house used to give ample attention to state award winning child actress Nivedhita who has taken 10th standard examination ICSC syllabus. On the earlier reported news that Shivarajakumar is acting with his daughter Nivedhita and it will be shot entirely in United States of America he said the project is at the initial stage. This announcement was made by Ravi Srivatsa on the release day of ‘Madesha’ Kannada film.

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