Posted date: 19/March/2010

According to the strong rumors coming from the believable side the Telugu version of 200th film of Dr Vishnuvardhana will be played by Balakrishna – it will be ‘Aptha Rakshakudu’. It is also learnt top Kannada comedy actor Komal Kumar will be making his foray in Telugu film and later in Tamil version of ‘Aptha Rakshaka’.

As of now Balakrishna has shown lot of interest for the powerful role of Kannada superstar Dr Vishnuvardhana and director Peethambaram Vasu has almost nodded for this aspiration. Firstly P Vasu has close affinity to NTR family and Balakrishna is one of the grandsons. Why P Vasu is showing affiliation to Balakrishna is because his father Peethambaram was the personal make up man for NTR garu for many decades.

Not only this more than Chiranjeevi or Venkatesh the other two top stars Balakrishna suits the historical role in the second half of the ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ is the opinion generated.

Meanwhile what is wonderful is that Komalkumar is jumping to adjacent Telugu language cinema. When Komal Kumar inquired with P Vasu recently after mega success of ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ the stalwart director said you and I are like ‘Rama and Anjaneya’. Wherever Rama will be Anjaneya will be there dashed the reply for that Komalkumar was flying.

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