Posted date: 9/February/2010

In the case of every individual there will be a ‘Favor Bank’ that goes on ensuring support when it is needed. Gentleman actor cum director Ramesh Aravind pointed to ‘The Favor Bank’ (of Paulo Coelho) when he was asked on the popular television channels support that automatically changes when the film is sold to a particular channel. In my case that is not possible because I am in to every channel when they wanted me says intelligent Ramesh Aravind.

For the making of ‘Crazy Kutumba’ Ramesh Aravind has applied a new logic and rightful approach. Instead of going on spending, a certain amount arriving at the market draw from the law of averages of his previous three films – Satyavan Savitri, Accident and Venkata in Sankata’ Ramesh Aravind arrived at budget to spend and then started the film. This is exactly what strikes the economists come to the knowledge of engineering rank student Ramesh Aravind.

On the role selection also Ramesh Aravind is quite different from others. An actor should take the roles that impress him. There is no point in waiting. The waiting he has done on the instruction of his mentor K Balachander is for direction. As long as you can act go on. When you have the knee problem then start direction Ramesh Aravind remembers KB.

Always bubbling with energy and not a fodder to controversy Ramesh Aravind remembered the Dignity Foundation function he attended recently. An old lady came speedily and said to Ramesh you should go on working like Amitabh Bachchan and stay in limelight. That made me to think says Ramesh Aravind.

On the subject he got ready to act with Shivarajakumar once again in ‘Bendha Kaluru’ he says everything is ready to mount. Shivanna is very happy to work in my direction stated Ramesh Aravind.

I do the work which I like most and that keeps me happy and puts energy in me he pointed. Nearly 140 films in his career spanning 23 years Ramesh Aravind take up his 150 film at the silver jubilee of his career.

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