Posted date: 15 Sun, Sep 2013 04:21:29 PM

With no clue whether media from Bangalore would be invited for this Centenary of Indian cinema event by South Indian cinema the media friends on Saturday night came to know that 60 persons are getting the honor instead of 50 persons from Kannada film industry on this occasion.

KFCC dispatched the list of 60 persons to the SIFCC.

KFCC President B Vijayakumar is not quite happy with the media invitation for this grand event. There is no clue for us to take media on behalf of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce agrees the KFCC President. We are not sitting quiet. KFCC would take the media from Bangalore for 22nd morning event to Chennai – there is no problem for it. The problem is only for 24th grand finale.

At the indoor auditorium four thousand seats are at the gallery. The communication received so far is that even media would be accommodated at this place for 24th event. That is only when KFCC prefers to take the team.

For the 24th event only 750 is able to take the seats from four south Indian languages plus guests from Hindi cinema industry.

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