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The Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh was at his best in his address on the occasion of completing 40 years of stint in the Kannada cinema industry. Sitting next to his pride wife Smt Parimala the noted actor, director, producer, politician Jaggesh collected tears in the middle of his hour long media address on Tuesday morning at Sri Renukamba Digital Theatre in 18th Cross Malleswaram, Bengaluru.

Jaggesh recounted his early struggling days, how his wife Parimala was backbone, how N Veeraswamy, Shivarajakumar, Dr Ambarish stood like pillars to his early career progress and came up in his address. He did not forget the media person KNN (KN Nagesh Kumar veteran photo journalist) who took him to various places to get a placement Jaggesh reminisced with wit and humor.

We give you some of the highlights of Jaggesh at 40 with 140 films to his credit as an actor.


·         Ranadheera, Ranaranga, Bhanda Nanna Ganda…..all carved a career for me with persons like N Veeraswamy, Shivarajakumar, Dr Ambarish, Dwarakish, Manikchand and of course my brother in Srinivas at the initial stages of my life.

·         My marriage was something like a national record. At 19 I got married and my wife Parimala gave me extremely good support which I cannot forget in my lifetime.

·         I am in fear as far as my profession is concerned. Politics is by accident and cinema is my breath till last breath. Dr Rajakumar is my key inspiration.

·         Even after Corona if we don’t rise with humanity and goodness there is no other better time for the lesson. Love everyone and give unconditional support to talents.

·         I always tell the younger generation it is not wrong to dream. You should know how to walk with your dreams.

·         My 34 years young son Gururaj is up to something special in life. He gives me a feel sometimes that he is like my father – he is so matured, cool, knowledgeable and workaholic for his studio near Malleswaram residence. I am not even 5 percent of his knowledge. He is shaping up as a director in the coming days.

·         More you know about Dr Rajakumar you acquire knowledge and simplicity of his life. In my 40 years of career I have discussed with him on so many topics and spent several precious hours. There is something about Dr Rajakumar that others do not know. After ‘Mantralaya Mahatme’ he has started doing ‘Sandhyavandhane’ in life. Till his last hours he conversed with very ordinary people in life. Dr Rajakumar is in my breath. For me he is like a ‘Santha’.

·         Like Dr Rajakumar, I am also ‘Rayara Bhaktha’ – in all my difficult times Sri Raghavendra Swamy helped me to come out of problems.

·         It is Ambarishanna who made me a hero recognizing my talent. It is Ambarishanna who supported sending me to Manikchand producer and distributor for the release of my film. Ambarishanna acted in a guest role of my film shows his magnanimity.

·         In those days my first film as hero ‘Bhanda Nanna Ganda’ made a collection of Rs.70 lakhs. It is equivalent to Rs.10 crores today.

·         I was invited to politics by DK Shivakumar. I am with the world famous leader Sri Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India political party Bharatiya Janata Party.

·         In the name of Pan India don’t push Kannada to a low level. We have a lot of dubbed work in TV media today. If we don’t get up with devotion to language it is very difficult. ‘Namma Thana’ is very important.

·         Smt Parimala Jaggesh recalled her first meeting of Jaggesh at the age of 19. He told me two things straight – I love this art field and next I will be marrying you. I have seen the excellent power of visualization in my husband Jaggesh. Rayaru Pavada happened several times in our life. Jaggesh is one actor who has seen all phases of life.

·         Four years ago I started a Nutrition Company – women in particular need not feel depressed because at 45 also you can venture something worthwhile.

·         Difficulty carved our life observes Smt Parimala Jaggesh.

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