Posted date: 19 Sun, Jan 2020 06:38:29 PM

The biggest in the career of R Chandru 11 films so far ‘Kabza’ made straight in three languages and dubbed in seven languages for all India release at a time is shooting action blocks at Minerva Mills in Bengaluru.

R Chandru known for lavish ventures is in third combination with super star Upendra. This one ‘Kazba’ dates back to 1947 era and come to 2020 underworld status. R Chandru has done six days of shoot at the set erected by state award winning director Shivakumar. The team of ‘Kabza’ is not keeping any time limit for shooting. Dr Ravi Verma was around the huge set directing the action blocks.  Nearly 300 persons looking alike holding gun were traced at the shooting spot of Minerva Mill.

This is the most challenging one and I wish to set milestone from this film. There are good people with post graduation degrees working for this film. We have spent crores of rupees on sets and Hollywood feel is already attaching to the film. I am excited every day of shooting. This film has got the budget and film team to make it big. I was waiting in my career to make big scale films mentioned R Chandru. The mix up of various things for this film gets the retro get up for the film he adds.

John Koken a terrific actor found in Mylari is back again in R Chandru film. It is a rare role and get up is unique he feels.

Action director Ravi Verma has not set any time frame. I have got a challenge to complete in the New Year. After Sangolli Rayanna, I have got a big canvas to present my work. The old and new are mixed and after hearing the script I felt my presence should be there for the film. Arranging for 1947 time pistol, bombs etc is not that easy he said.  

Destination is not important but the journey is important. How best we make the film is interesting now. In the past there was Pan India says Upendra the central character of the film. Apparently Upendra is getting the ‘Om’ time feeling. He was enjoying everything and then bringing it on screen. The same feel he is getting in R Chandru work. This time I heard the complete script of the film from director R Chandru mentioned Upendra.

Shanker of ‘I’ Tamil film is now added to the team. Ravi Basrur is giving music that aptly adjust to all the states says R Chandru.

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