Posted date: 20 Wed, Nov 2019 03:22:44 PM

Here is a typical situation in the month of November – Kannada Rajyotsava! On the one side charming beauty Haripriya is holding pistol in the posters of ‘Kannad Gottill’ and there is Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh who is devoted to teaching Kannada in the title role of ‘Kalidasa Kannada Meshtru’.

KKM is the second direction of well known lyricist Kaviraj. He had intention of coming on November 1 that was very much to the liking of Jaggesh. Fearing to the big release Kaviraj postponed that Jaggesh did not like. Jaggesh a senior in the business of entertainment strongly told that the big film is not coming. It happened so but Kaviraj put forward the release. Now after that big film KKM is releasing this Friday obviously Jaggesh threw his disgrace at the media meet for not hearing to his words.

However this well made film KKM has many valuable contents. The last 15 minutes even touched the heart of Jaggesh a senior actor. Kaviraj in fact got subject for this film from the chit one of the students had left in a chemistry answer sheet at the university level. The addition of Jaggesh got a facelift to the film and serious script became comedy, later Gurukiran, Gundulpet Suresh, Meghana Gaonkar, Ambika, Tabala Nani and others pushed the film to higher level observes Kaviraj addressing media.

Producer Udaya Kumar was very firm on giving something good to the society in his first film. He says education should not be a money making machine in our society.

It is difficult to find a producer with no calculation in these days and telling the message in a laugh mood is major plus point of this film says Gurukiran century films music director.

The film has comedy special and social message. There should not be pressure in education and the approach on Kannada language is another plus point of this film says charming Meghana Gaonkar.

The writer in Kaviraj is seen in every frame of the film stated cameraman Gundulpet Suresh.

Jaggesh Navarasa Nayaka said his tongue says truth. Had it been November 1 release we would have real good time. In this industry the people play games to smudge other films hopes. Tanu Tinnalla Tinnorgu Bidalla, Barodu Illa, Barorgu Bidalla’ is the situation this film faced. Yet turning his attention on Kaviraj, Jaggesh said he is a best planner. He has great future ahead he said. On the education becoming business, Jaggesh said the world is now looked in business angle.

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