Posted date: 09 Mon, Mar 2020 09:11:10 AM

Additional of seven minutes to the already shown ‘Kanadante Mayavadanu’ is made from next Friday.

Vikas lorry loads of pains for people not coming to the theatres and Book My Show adding salt to injury came before the media with ‘Asli’ issue of lack of attendance to the film released in the last of January 2020.

We have not earned a single rupee from the film. I am not getting sleep. This type of difficulty should not come to anyone – actor Vikas of ‘Kanadante Mayavadanu’ went on explaining. The audience lived perfectly to the title of the film – They are ‘Kanadante Mayavagiddaare’! Except collecting tears Vikas doled out his pain in front of media. The reason is because all media reports for the film is very good. People who saw the film applauded but sufficient people are not coming to this six years hard work project he narrated.

There are no fake reviews at all. I have spent money from my pocket to retain the film. Of all the theatres Sapna in Bengaluru, Rockline Mall at 5.15 show and Kamakya theatres obliged.

I am not able to give up this well made film, audience please come to the theatre and watch this film. A few of non Kannadigas who have watched this should have come in other languages. It would have got good reception.


The depleting condition for the film ‘Kanadante Mayavadanu’ – there is no one in the industry to support.

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