Posted date: 26/January/2010

The daughter of every auto driver in Karnataka Kavya Nag (Shanker Nag was so dear actor to every auto driver in Karnataka and innumerable people Shanker Nag) got married to Saleel her boy friend. Shanker Nag daughter Kavya has merry moment now. She got married to her long time boy friend Saleel in city on January 24 at Country Club.

It is twenty years ago Shanker Nag the most brilliant actor cum director and thinker died in the road accident and Arundhathi Nag the just announced Padmasri award winner brought up Kavya with great courage. Arundhathi Nag has rejoicing moment for two things. Marriage of her daughter Kavya and getting the national honor are two notable moments.

Kavya Shanker Nag studied World Wild Life with Saleel. In the house Shanker Nag stayed in Mumbai this Saleel also happens to be from the same house. This is no cinematic story but a fact. This is a mixture of Marathi and Brahmin family marriage!

OK. Arundhathi Nag did not invite many people who are pride of this state for the marriage. Never mind. Kavya Shanker Nag is the fond daughter of every auto driver of Karnataka got married. Along with innumerable auto drivers we wish Kavya Nag and Saleel happy married life.

We came to know that Kavya Nag resemble versatile actor Ananthnag her paternal uncle. Was Ananthnag invited to this wedding?

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