Kaadaadi Full of Thriller Action Movie...Rating:- 3.5 ****
Posted date: 07 Sun, Jul 2024 09:38:12 AM

Full of action

Movie: Kaadaadi (Kannada)

Director: Satheesh Malempati

Cast: Aditya Shashikumar, Lavanya Sahukara, Chandini Tamilarasan, Posani, Ravi Kale, and Sravan.

Duration: 114 minutes

Certificate: UA

Rating: 3.5

Director Satheesh Malempati has tried to make Kaadaadi a South Indian movie by having the cast from Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil film industries. The director has tried his best to facilitate all actors sharing the sufficient screen space. He has also tried to entertain class, mass, and family audiences by having all elements, including an item song. Most of the shooting of the movie was held in Hyderabad and Goa.

The movie is about love and breakup and criminal activities and exploitation of prospective payers of taekwondo. Police inspector (Ravi Kale) visits a crime spot where the burnt body of Janana (Lavanya Sahukara), a taekwondo player, is found. The forensic team found that Janani was killed somewhere and brought her mortal remains to another location and burnt it by using petrol and kerosene. The next scene, the director introduces Ganapathy aka Gana (Aditya Shashikumar) who falls in love with Janana. She insists him to marry her but he prefers to be living partners rather than a couple.

Meanwhile, he happens to meet Prathigna (Chandini Tamilarasan), an affluent lady, and decides to marry her with an evil eye on her property. Janana insists him to marry her as she is two months pregnant. What happens to Janana and Gana is what Kaadaadi is all about.

Aditya Shashikumar has acted well. Lavayna Sahukara and Chandini Tamilarasan have also acted well. Ravi Kale, Posani, and Sravan are okay.

It is worth watching.

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