Posted date: 30/November/2008

What is Vijayashanthi to Telugu cinema, Malashri is to Kannada cinema as for as action extravaganzas are concerned. Take a look at the pictures in this website of Malashri as ‘Kiran Bedi’ a film with five mind blowing action scenes. Humble producer Ramu has made the 25th film of his banner with his star wife Malashri in the title role of ‘Kiran Bedi’. The five action scenes in this film cost the producer Ramu Rs.2.5 crores to Rs.3 crores it is estimated by director N.Om Prakash Rao. This is the first combination of N.Om Prakash Rao and Malashri – both are known for chilling action films. Nearly 120 days the film is shot in various locations and it is one of the biggest and lavishly made film by Ramu Enterprises.

‘Kiran Bedi’ is not from the pages of popular super cop of India. The name is the inspiration and nothing is connected to her life sketch says Malashri. However, Kiran Bedi has been informed on the making of this film and approval has been taken to keep her name for the title of the film. ‘I am for taking risks and doing challenging roles’ says Malashri. Thinning down in life is like climbing Himalaya for me admits the actress.

Here is ‘Kiran Bedi’ in action for the viewers - a part of the Sunday special.

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